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Easi-wood is a highly flexible realwood veneer sheet that can be used for surfacing
curved areas without the problems of splitting or splintering, which occurs with delicate
leaves of conventional veneers. It is ideal for use on curves and columns. It is extremely flexible, easy to handle and can be cut with scissors or a craft knife.

Standard Easi-wood is available in the following species:-

White Oak, Ash, Cherry, Pine, American Black Walnut, Red Oak, Maple,
Sapele and Steamed Beech
(Teak can also be supplied, however, this is not a standard product and is subject to
minimum order quantities and availability).
Easi-wood is ideal for use within commercial interiors, furniture making, yacht interiors and
shopfitting applications. Where its highly attractive genuine woodgrain surface combined
with extreme ease of use, has revolutionised the craft of veneering. The ease of handling also
makes Easi-wood just as popular for flat panels as well as curves.

VENEER MATCHING: Standard range of Easi-wood is supplied as Book Match.

VENEER CUTTING: All the standard range of Easi-wood is supplied as crown cut.

SHEET SIZES: 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft)
Enlarge Image
Standard Easi-wood Veneers
Please note colour swatches are only to be used as a guide
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
White Oak
Am. Black Walnut
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Red Oak
Steamed Beech
 *Teak veneer available not as standard and subject to minimum order quantity
Exotic Easi-wood Veneers
Please note colour swatches are only to be used as a guide
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Bombay Rosewood*
White Birch
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Macassar Ebony *
Figured Anegre
 * Denotes reconstituted veneer
  Easi-wood Working Instructions
Easi-wood is a real wood veneer product applied to a supporting sheet of non-woven
cellulose/polyester fibre, impregnated with PVAc adhesives.

Conditioning of veneer & substrate
Easi-wood flexible veneer being a natural product will respond to ingress and egress of moisture.
It is therefore important that all components are allowed to come to the same temperature and
moisture content before fabrication.   The length of time will vary according to ambient conditions
and the components involved. With average room temperature of 20 degrees centigrade and 65%
RH, we recommend a minimum of 48 hrs exposure to condition as near as possible to that in
which the fabrication will be installed.

Standard Backed Fleece
Apply contact adhesive as recommended by manufacturers instructions. Apply evenly and as
smoothly as possible. If substrate is porous, a second coat of adhesive may be required. For
proper bonding, adhesive coating must have a complete and even coverage. Solvent or water based
contact adhesives are recommended. Following this procedure should ensure the best possible
finished appearance.

Apply veneer
Place a sheet of waxed, release or Kraft paper between veneer and substrate. Locate veneer on
substrate with an even over hang all around. Slowly remove release paper and press down as doing
so, using a 'scraper' tool to exclude air. Scrape along the grain working steadily in one direction,
from the middle outwards.

Hints and Tips
If bubbles do occur cut the bubbles along the grain with a sharp blade and scrape down again
forcing trapped air out. A warm iron may be used to improve the bond, always protect veneer from
direct heat. While the material is still warm, apply firm pressure using a scraper.

Trim Easi-wood roughly to size. Leave final trimming until 48 hours after bonding to allow for final
movement of material.

Leave for 24 hours after bonding then inspect again for bubbles and blisters, repair as necessary
(see Hints and Tips). Surface can be finely sanded. Finished with standard or water based stains,
lacquers or varnishes as desired following manufacturers instructions.  Care should be taken with
water based finishes as over application may lead to expansion of the veneer.

Do NOT's
• Do not allow adhesive to pick up dirt or dust. • Do not touch adhesive layer.
• Do not use fingers or roller. Veneer must be 'scraped' down tightly.
• Do not press tightly to substrate until certain that the sheet is in the correct position.
• Do not cut to correct size before application. Always allow 12mm overhang to allow for
movement of veneer.
• Care should be taken when using water based finishing systems as they may cause expansion
of the veneer leading to wrinkles.

• Ensure that the Easi-wood and the adhesive are suitable for the intended application. Test a
sample in typical conditions/environment.
• Ensure substrate is properly prepared.
• Allow 12mm trim/overhang on cut size to cater for positioning/movement of veneer during
• Allow 48 hours after application before trimming overhang to finished size.
• Use only 'scraper' type tool during application.
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