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Glues and Silicones
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MIS2122 - Dunlop Thixofix
Enlarge Image

Non-drip contact adhesive.
Multi-purpose , Easy to use, Allows re-adjustment.
Packed: 1

1 ltr MIS2122S
5 ltr MIS2122
MIS2342 - All Purpose Contact Adhesive
Enlarge Image
Enlarge Image
Field of application
Laminated plastics (Formica, Perstorp, Duropal, Resopal, etc.), board,
veneer-, rubber- and plastic edging strips, rubber, foam-rubber, leather,
linoleum, felt and cork to wood, chipboard, concrete, stone and metals.
• Dilutability: use for diluting only `Thinner`.
•Temp.resistance: from - 15°C up to + 70°C.
•Frost resistance: excellently resistant to frost. If the adhesive has thickened
somewhat because of frost, normal consistency can be obtained again by
placing it in a well heated room (above +20°C) for some hours.
•Resistance to moisture: good.
•Chemical resistance: resistant to oil, bases and acids.
100 ml MIS2442D
750 ml MIS2342A
5 ltr MIS2342
MIS2342 - Polyurethane Timber Adhesive
Enlarge Image
Field of application
Particularly suitable for weather- and (sea)water-proof bonding of almost all
types of timber to one another and to laminated plastics, metal, stone,
concrete and some synthetic materials.
Especially for bonding and repairing constructions and for connections
which have to fulfil high demands.
For applications that are subject to larger constant loads/pressure, employ
Bison Resorcin Adhesive or Bison Polyurethane Adhesive.
•Dilutability: the adhesive should not be diluted.
•Temp. resistance: from - 20°C up to + 125°C.
•Frost resistance: good.   Resistance to chemicals: good.
•Resistance to moisture: weather and seawater-resistant.
•Complies with: EN204: D4.
750 g MIS2255H
310 ml Tube MIS2342B
MIS2242B - Mirror Adhesive
Enlarge Image
Field of application
Bison Mirror Adhesive bonds traditional silver mirrors to all kinds of
surfaces. Should be tested first on other types of mirror.
• Temp. resistance: from -50°C up to +145°C.
• Resistance to moisture: good.
•Frost resistance: good.
•Elasticity: permanently flexible.
•General: fast setting, fine adjustment of the mirror's position is possible
immediately after positioning.
Satin anodised TC018S
MIS2253C - Clear Nails
Enlarge Image
Superior quality paneling adhesive for invisible powerful long-lasting bonding of all kinds of (building ) materials / constructions.
Bonding, fixing and repairing of wood, plastics, stone, metals, tiles, ceramic etc. Fast grab.
Packed: 1
310 ml Tube MIS2253C
MIS2251 - Mirror Adhesive
Enlarge Image
Proffesional one component solvent-free adhesive.
Ideal for: Bonding mirrors to most common substraites.
Packed: 1
310 ml Tube MIS2253C
MIS2253 - Grip AdhesiveClear Nails
Enlarge Image
High strength quick grab professional multi purpose gap-filling adhesive.
Ideal for: Skirting boards, panels, door surrounds, carpet grippers and much
Packed: 1
310 ml Tube MIS2253C
MIS2242A - Mirror Bonding Adhesive
Enlarge Image
• Used for fixing mirrors on all usual building surfaces
• Clean/dry surface before use making sure it is free of grease and dust
• Apply primer for certain applications on porous surfaces, no primer
required for non porous surfaces
• Light grey
• 310 ml tube MIS2242A
MIS2354 - Polymax
Enlarge Image
Field of application  Combines the best of 2 worlds:
• bonds like MontageKit   •seals like Silicone.
Bonding: glass, mirrors, plastics, brick, stone, concrete, wood, iron, metals, etc. etc.
Constructing: skirting, lathwork, windowsills, facing- and insulation panels, plaster ornaments, decorative frames.
Sealing: joints, seams and cracks in kitchens and bathrooms, roof, gutter and chimney repairs top seal in glazing.
• Temperature resistance: from -40°C to +100°C
•Moisture resistance: very good.  •Frost resistance: good.
•Resistance: resistant to all weather effects, UV light, aggressive industrial air, household detergents and cleaners, brief impact of dilute
acids, bases and salts.
•Overpaintability: good, both with acrylic- and alkyd paint.
•Flexibility: permanently flexible.
280 ml Tube MIS2354
MIS2241 - Tufloc Cyanocrylate Glue
Enlarge Image
Mitre Kit.
200 ml
Tuflock Glue & Applicator MIS2241
Tuflock activator only MIS2241A
Tuflock glue only MIS2241B
MIS2106 - Glue Sticks
Enlarge Image
Hot melt glue sticks
Packed: 20's
Glue Sticks MIS2106
MIS2106B - Glue Roll
Enlarge Image
Glue roll ideal for Laminates and Veneers.
Length: 50mts
Glue roll MIS2106B
MIS2304A - Skeleton Gun
Enlarge Image
Skeleton/sealant gun (Premier Quality)
Skeleton gun MIS2106
MIS2304B - Skeleton Gun
Enlarge Image
Revolution skeleton/sealant gun (Standard Quality)
Skeleton gun MIS2106
MIS2304 - Sealant Gun
Enlarge Image
Skeleton/sealant gun (Budget Quality).
Finished steel, colour may vary.
Sealant Gun MIS2304
MIS2254G - PU Assembly Foam B3 (Gun Version)
Enlarge Image
One component, self-expanding polyurethane hard foam
• Excellent adhesion on many materials (not PE/PP, teflon and silicone
• Good acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics, up to 57db
• Very good filling capacity • Excellent assembly characteristics
• Assembly foam is particularly well suited for insulation, assembly, gluing and filling
• 750 ml can
PU Foam MIS2254G
MIS2254H - PU Assembly Foam Gun
Enlarge Image
• For use with expanding foam can (MIS2254G)
• Steel with plastic handle 
PU Gun MIS2254H
MIS2254C - PU Gun and Foam Cleaner
Enlarge Image
Developed to clean the PU-foam applicator guns
• Correct cleaning of the gun and proper use of the product will ensure
optimum function and prevent blockage of the applicator gun
• The cleaner is also suited for the cleaning of the valve and spray-nozzle
of PU foam canisters and removes uncured PU foam
• 500 ml can  . For use with PU Gun:
PU Gun Cleaner MIS2254C
MIS2335 - WD-40
Enlarge Image
Cleans, displaces moisture, penetrates, lubricates and protects
• 200 or 400 ml aerosol can
200ml MIS23352
400ml MIS2335
MIS2344 - Silicone Spray
Enlarge Image
• Protects and lubricates
• For lubricating and smoothing parts
• For protecting from dirt and humidity and cleaning of all surfaces such as
rubber, plastics, wood, metal, textile
• 500 ml can   
Silicone Spray MIS2344
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